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Did you request your “FREE” Cold War Recognition Certificate?

Did you request your “FREE” Cold War Recognition Certificate? 0

Cold War Veterans - Did you request your “FREE” Cold War Recognition Certificate?

Recently, I had the pleasure to talk with Jose from DOD Guidons and we discussed Cold War Veterans and the Cold War Victory Medal. 

Interestingly, this medal is the official medal of National Guard in Louisiana, Texas, and Alaska is ribbon only.

For all you other non-rates, lol! It is an unofficial "commemorative" medal never to be worn on the uniform. Unless you fall into the National Guard criteria above.

However, it is a sought after design at DOD Guidons and extremely popular on Pocket Square Heroes. 

There have been a few attempts to make it official and the last bill introduced was during the 112th Congress and it did not make it through.

Let us know in the comments any new bill please infomation.

Cold War Recognition Certificate

However, I did find a “Cold War Recognition Certificate” and here are some details from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). You will need your DD-214, or equivalent to apply for the CWRC. 

The Army hosts the Cold War Application and it is never easy. 

The “NEW APPLICATION LINK” page host a dead-link, lol. Which I hope is fixed by now, anyway I found a workaround, no worries.

Click the image below and download the application. Read all of the information on this page and get your free certificate. 


Cold War Veterans Recognition Certificate

Q2, just makes me laugh and shake my head, but nonetheless, outstanding! 

Again make sure to check out all the instructions, download, fill out the application and submit it.

“Well it’s not what you Cold War Veterans deserve but it is something, so take the 10 minutes and send in your application.”

Who will volunteer to test this process out and report back? 

Check out the Pocket Square Heroes Cold War inspired design!


Cold War Victory Medal, Cold War Veterans, Pocket Square

Also check out Jose at DoDguidons https://dodguidons.com

Do you know your Persian Gulf, Desert Storm, & Shield Medals?

Do you know your Persian Gulf, Desert Storm, & Shield Medals? 0


IS 1st Cavalry deploy to Saudi Desert at the start of the Gulf War. Credit Greg English
Responding to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, troops of the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division deploy across the Saudi desert Nov. 4, 1990, during preparations prior to the Gulf War. (AP Photo/ Greg English)
The Gulf War which is also known as the Persian Gulf War, First Gulf War, Gulf War I, Kuwait War, First Iraq War or Iraq War.
Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), codenamed Operation Desert Shield (2 August 1990 – 17 January 1991) for operations leading to the buildup of troops and defense of Saudi Arabia.
Operation Desert Storm (17 January 1991 – 28 February 1991) in its combat phase, was a war waged by coalition forces from 35 nations led by the United States against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait.
Some dates of the major events of the 1990–1991 war. It began with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on 2 August 1990 and ended with the Liberation of Kuwait by Coalition forces. Iraq subsequently agreed to the United Nations' demands on 28 February 1991. The war officially concluded with the signing of the armistice on 11 April 1991.
Some major events in the aftermath include anti-Saddam Hussein uprisings in Iraq, massacres against the Kurds by the regime, Iraq formally recognizing the sovereignty of Kuwait in 1994, and eventually ending its cooperation with the United Nations Special Commission in 1998.


Highway of death Kuwait, desert storm, desert shield
An overhead view of the infamous "Highway of Death", the name given to Highway 80 following the carnage visited upon the Iraqi forces who used it as they retreated out of Kuwait, 1991



“Persian Gulf War, First Gulf War, Gulf War I, Kuwait War, First Iraq War or Iraq War, Desert Storm and Desert Shield."

What are medals Service Member would earn? Here are the common three.

1. Southwest Asia Service Medal (SASM)

Click image to see the Pocket Square Heroes® inspired design. 

Southwest Asia Service Medal



    2. Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabian Version)

    Click image to see the Pocket Square Heroes® inspired design. 

    Kuwait Persian Gulf Desert Storm Desert Shield Veterans


    3. Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait Version)

    Click image to see the Pocket Square Heroes® inspired design. 

    Kuwait Service, Desert Storm Veterans, Military Veterans, American Flag Pocket Square


    We are publishing this post because of a high rate of product searches. Click on any of the medal photos above see our versions. We hope it helps you find what you are looking for, if not email us anytime.  

    Military Pocket Square Heroes® American Flag Pocket Square

    What do you REALLY know about the Southwest Asia Service Medal?

    What do you REALLY know about the Southwest Asia Service Medal? 0

    Facts about the Desert Storm Veteran Southwest Asia Service Medal, Pocket Square Heroes Blog, Veteran Gifts, Military Gifts, Military Medals.
    Things you may not know about the Afghanistan Campaign Medal.

    Things you may not know about the Afghanistan Campaign Medal. 0

    The Afghanistan Campaign Medal (ACM) is a U.S. Military medal authorized and created by Public Law 108-234, dated 28 May 2004, and Executive Order 13363, dated 29 November 2004. The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense announced the establishment of campaign phases (see below) on 19 February 2008. 

    Public law 109-163, dated 6 January 2006, amended the beginning date for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and the date of eligibility for the Afghanistan Campaign Medal to 11 September 2001.

    Individuals authorized the ACM must have served in direct support of OEF.

    The area of eligibility (AOE) encompasses all land area of the country of Afghanistan and all air spaces above the land.

    The Afghanistan Campaign Medal period of eligibility is on or after 11 September 2001 to a future date to be determined by the Secretary of Defense or the cessation of OEF.

    Effective 31 December 2014, OEF is no longer an authorized qualifying operation for award of the ACM. Effective 1 January 2015, Operation Freedom's Sentinel (OFS) is an approved operation for award of the ACM.



    11 SEPTEMBER 2001 – 30 NOVEMBER 2001


    1 DECEMBER 2001 – 30 SEPTEMBER 20


    1 OCTOBER 2006 – 30 NOVEMBER 2009


    1 DECEMBER 2009 – 30 JUNE 2011


    1 JULY 2011 - 31 DECEMBER 2014




    In order of precedence, the ACM will be worn before the Iraq Campaign Medal (ICM) and shall directly follow the Kosovo Campaign Medal (KCM) (i.e., KCM, ACM, ICM, GWOTEM, etc.). 

    Medal Description

    On a bronze metal 1 1/4 inches (3.18 cm) in diameter above a range of mountains is a map of Afghanistan. Around the top is the inscription “AFGHANISTAN CAMPAIGN.”


    Afghanistan campaign medal Pocket Square Heroes™

    On the reverse, a radiating demi-sun superimposed by an eagle’s head couped. Inscribed across the bottom half of the reserve side are the three lines “FOR SERVICE” “IN” “AFGHANISTAN” all enclosed by a laurel wreath.


    Afghanistan campaign medal Pocket Square Heroes™


    The designed Mountains dominate the landscape of Afghanistan. The map of the country highlights the theater of operation and our commitment to Operation Enduring Freedom.

    The eagle, a symbol of the United States and the American spirit, is constantly vigilant, ready to defend freedom.

    The rising sun embodies a new start for Afghanistan and its road to a free and prosperous future. The laurel wreath is for honor and high achievement.

    The ribbon reflects the colors of the new Afghanistan flag and the red, white and blue represent the United States and its allies.


    The ribbon is Emerald, Scarlet, Black, White, Scarlet and Old Glory Blue. 


    Afghanistan campaign ribbon Pocket Square Heroes™


    The following are related items:

    1. Medal (regular size): MIL-DTL-3943/318D. NSN 8455-01-527-8027 for set    which includes regular size medal and ribbon bar. 
    2. Medal (miniature size): MIL-DTL-3943/318D. Available commercially. 
    3. Ribbon: MIL-DTL-11589/593. Available commercially. 
    4. Lapel Button (ribbon replica): MIL-DTL-11484/312. Available commercially. 
    5. Pocket Square Heroes™ inspired Afghanistan campaign Pocket Square. 

    The Afghanistan Campaign Medal (ACM) and Ribbon are very recognizable. It can be seen on bumper stickers, t-shirts, mugs, posters, lapel pins, tie designs and now pocket squares.

    See our version here


    Afghanistan campaign medal Pocket Square Heroes™

    Source: http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/Catalog/Heraldry


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